The political landscape in andhra pradesh is heating up as both the opposition tdp and ruling YSRCP ramp up their election campaigns. However, the lack of coordination within the tdp party is causing concern, particularly in west godavari district, which is considered a stronghold for the TDP.

The tdp leadership has allocated a ticket to sitting mla Ramaraju, but this decision has led to discontent among some party members. Former mla Sivaramaraju has expressed his dissatisfaction and warned that he may contest as an independent candidate. His faction is strongly opposes this decision, and there are indications that if Raghuramakrishna Raju is chosen over him for the ticket, Sivaramaraju may defect from the party.

Ramaraju, on the other hand, is reportedly holding intimate meetings with his followers and preparing to contest independently if provoked. He has been loyal to the party for the past five years but is now issuing a final warning to the tdp leadership, demanding clarity on whether they prefer him or Raghuramakrishna Raju.

Meanwhile, Raghuramakrishna Raju's group, which split from the YSRCP and joined the tdp four years ago, is also seeking a ticket. They argue that not giving Raju a ticket would be detrimental to the TDP's prospects. Overall, the internal divisions within the tdp are becoming increasingly apparent, and the party leadership faces the challenge of resolving these conflicts to maintain unity and focus on the upcoming elections.

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