Jat community announces mahapanchayat against BJP...

In the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, the Jat community, angry with the bjp, has started Operation Gangajal by going from village to village to defeat the BJP. Jat community has today submitted a memorandum to the Additional Divisional Commissioner accusing the bjp of targeting the people of the community.

Leaders of the Jat community say that on april 8, in the corner meeting of bjp candidate Ramswaroop Koli, bjp workers beat up a person from the Jat community because that person had asked the question to bjp candidate if we had been living together for 10 years. They have been voting for bjp since 2015 but after winning the candidate is not seen. Don't you also disappear? Angered by this question, bjp workers beat up a person from Jat community.

'Police paraded Jat Reservation Sangharsh Samiti member on the streets'

The second allegation made by the Jat community is that Subhash Maderna, co-convenor of the Reservation Struggle Committee, was arrested by the police in jaipur and paraded on the streets. Due to this, there is a lot of anger in the Jat community against the bjp government.

Jat community says that Jat community is opposing BJP; hence the government is targeting the people of Jat community. Now, regarding these two incidents, the Jat community has announced to hold a big Jat Mahapanchayat on april 13 at the Chamad Mata temple located at Penghor in Kumher of Deeg district.

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