'Gunjal, ask congress leaders who blocked the airport?'

On the issue of Kota airport, mla Kalpana Devi told the congress candidate that he should ask the congress leaders who blocked the airport land. Kalpana said that it is now in the public domain that even after writing more than two dozen letters in two and a half years, the then congress government deposited only Rs 21 crore out of the Rs 127 crore required for the transfer of the airport land to the airport Authority.

Before the assembly elections, prime minister Narendra Modi gave a guarantee for Kota airport and the amount was deposited within just seven days of the formation of the bjp government in the state. Now we are just waiting for the DPR of the airport to be ready. The work will start as soon as the DPR is prepared.

Responding to the allegations of congress candidate Prahlad Gunjal, mla Sandeep Sharma said that 'Gunjal has finally brought the truth in front of the world by calling ashok gehlot the thief of Kota IIT. om birla has brought the Triple IT which has been running in jaipur for years to Kota. The bjp government of the state allotted IIT to Kota, which Gehlot took to jodhpur after the formation of the congress government. After this, when Kota got Triple IT, the congress government did not give any money for its building. Birla got a budget of Rs 128 crore approved for the construction of the building and the construction department of the central government itself constructed the triple IT building.

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