'Congress gives birth to...?', cm Bhajan Lal targets...

Rajasthan chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma today reached Bharatpur Lok Sabha's Kathumar assembly to address the election rally. bjp MLAs and leaders from Alwar, Bharatpur and Deeg districts were present in the public meeting. While addressing the public meeting, the chief minister fiercely targeted Congress. cm said, "Congress called Ramlala imaginary, hence ram left Congress." congress itself is opposing the hand claw in Banswara. congress only gave the slogan of eradicating poverty whereas congress has no connection with poverty. ,

 'Congress gives birth to corruption in the country'

Chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma said that the Kathumar assembly is that assembly which, if it has a determination in mind, makes that candidate win with an overwhelming majority. He said that I know every village of Kathumar. You have always supported the BJP. Whenever you have talked about anything, bjp leaders have also done the work of keeping everything Kathumar said. cm Bhajan Lal Sharma asked what was the situation in this country before the year 2014. Scams used to happen every day during the congress government. Curiosity started arising in the minds of people as to what would happen to this country. Not only this, terrorists used to come every day, burst bombs in some big city, and go away. No such incident has happened after the year 2014. Under the leadership of PM Modi, the work of teaching a lesson to the terrorists in their own homes was done. congress has always run based on appeasement. congress has always worked in the name of casteism.

 'Congress party leaders do not want to contest elections'

Bhajanlal Sharma said, “Someone in congress says that I did not want to contest elections. Some say that I was forced to contest the elections. Tickets were refunded. congress candidates filled out the form in Banswara. The congress at the Center is saying to take back the form. The candidate is refusing to take back the form. When the candidate did not take back the form, congress protested against its hand.

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