Agniveer scheme will be canceled as soon as the government is formed...

  Regarding the lok sabha elections in rajasthan, the veteran leader of the congress Party, former National President of the congress Party, rahul gandhi arrived in rajasthan today to strengthen the party. Addressed the gathering. jodhpur lok sabha congress candidate karan Singh reached a meeting in Phalodi in support of Uchiyarda. Where rahul gandhi addressed the gathering and said, "It is election time." In the last 10 years, prime minister Narendra Modi made different promises to all of you. Promised to deposit Rs 15 lakh in the bank account. If not he has deposited Rs 15 lakhs in the bank account then he has withdrawn Rs 15 lakhs. Demonetization by wrong implementation of GST.

'Forgiven Rs 16 lakh crore'

Rahul gandhi said, "The country's prime minister Narendra Modi has not done anything for the poor farmers and unemployed people." If it was done in the country, it was done only for 22 to 25 rich people. He did not waive off Rs 1 to the farmers but waived Rs 16 lakh crore to 22 to 25 rich families in his country. This is enough money to run MNREGA for 24 years.

Fiercely attacked the media

Rahul gandhi said, "As soon as our government comes to power, we will waive off the loans of farmers again." Will implement legal MSP. Since independence, farmers have never paid taxes to our government. Tax is being collected from farmers by implementing GST.'' With this, he became a friend of the media and again attacked the media fiercely.

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