Udaipur police are seen in action mode in film style...

Udaipur district of rajasthan is becoming a hub of smuggling and escape of criminals. Every day, smugglers and outside criminals are being arrested by the police. In this episode, udaipur police has caught a member of a notorious gang in a filmy style. This accused is a member of active gang 007, who had come to udaipur to escape. The big thing is that this accused was also involved in the gang war that took place two years ago. Now the police are interrogating the accused in the case.

The police had received information from an informer that there was a notorious criminal in a black Scorpio in the city, along with three other youths. After this, its location was again told towards rani Road of Fatehsagar Lake. When the police went there, he came towards Chetak Circle towards the city. He was coming towards the busiest Kaur intersection of the city when the police started chasing him.

Was absconding in this case

During this, Inspector mukesh Soni and adarsh Kumar were behind the Scorpio and DSP Chhagan Purohit parked his car in front of the Scorpio from the wrong side. After this, we saw that four youths were sitting inside the Scorpio, one of whom turned out to be a rewarded criminal and an active member of the 007 gang. police officials say that two gangs are active in Jodhpur, which include 007 and 029. Out of this, ashok Jhakhar of the 007 gang has been caught by the police. There was a gang war in the year 2022, in which accused ashok Jakhar was absconding.

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