After Sita Soren, now this mla created trouble for JMM...

In Jharkhand, problems seem to be increasing continuously in Shibu Soren's party JMM. After Sita Soren left the party from JMM, now Borio mla Lobin Hembram has also toughened his stance. Staying in JMM, he has announced to contest the election as an independent candidate against JMM's Rajmahal lok sabha candidate Vijay Hansda. Vijay Hansda has raised questions on the successorship of hemant Soren's wife Kalpana Soren. He has said that Basant Soren should have become cm after hemant Soren went to jail. Due to this attitude of Lobin, the chances of deepening the crisis in JMM are beginning to appear.

'Will save JMM's existence by fighting independent elections'

JMM's Borio mla has announced that while staying in the party, he will contest the Rajmahal lok sabha election as an independent candidate against Vijay Hansda. This matter came to light when JMM released the name of Vijay Hansda as a candidate from Rajmahal lok sabha in its second list. As soon as the list was released, mla Lobin Hembram tightened his stance. He said that he would contest the elections as an independent candidate without resigning from the party and would save the existence of JMM. Lobin Hembram raised the question who made Kalpana Soren the successor of the party? After hemant Soren went to jail, Basant should have been his successor. Just as hemant Soren became the cm after the death of Durga Soren, similarly after hemant Soren went to jail, his younger brother Basant should have become the CM.

Candidate from the tribal community was to be given a ticket

He has raised questions on giving a ticket to Joba Manjhi on the Singhbhum seat. He said that there is opposition from tribals from this seat, hence ticket should have been given to some tribal from here. Due to such an increased attitude of JMM mla, the problems of the party are likely to increase in the lok sabha elections.

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