Big success for police, Patiram-Misir with the reward of one crore...

Good news has come out from Chaibasa, Jharkhand. Before the lok sabha elections, the police and CRPF have achieved the biggest success so far in controlling the Naxalites. Amidst the implementation of the election code of conduct in the entire country, a minor Naxalite and 15 notorious Naxalites joined the mainstream and surrendered together in front of the Chaibasa police line.

These Naxalites surrendered before DIG Manoj Ratan Fourth on Thursday. The surrendered Naxalites say that they have been troubled for a long time due to the exploitation of Naxalites Patiram Majhi and Misir Besra, who had a reward of Rs 1 crore. Meanwhile, the campaign launched by the district administration to join the mainstream impressed everyone. This is the reason why we have now distanced ourselves from the bloody paths of Naxalites.

Anti-Naxal campaign will continue continuously from 2022

Since 2022, the campaign against Naxalites has been going on continuously in Chaibasa. From the year 2022 till now, a total of 161 Naxalites have been arrested and sent to judicial custody. A total of 11 Naxalites surrendered before the police in the years 2022 and 2023. A total of 375 explosive weapon cartridges and other items of daily use were recovered from them. Along with this, the permanent camp of Naxalites, IRB headquarters, 8 to 10 temporary camps, and 15 bunkers have also been demolished. To curb extremist activities in Chaibasa, 16 new security camps have also been constructed in the extremist police station area to instill a sense of security in the minds of the common people.

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