Seraikela Kharsawan Tri Junction is free from Naxalites...

Seraikela Kharsawan Tri Junction area for Chaibasa district has already been freed from Naxalites under this campaign, after which the campaign against Naxalites has been going on continuously for the last 2 years in the forests of Kolhan, Jism Budha Pahad, bulbul Jungle, Includes dangerous forest areas of Khunti and Chaibasa. At present, the main focus of police and security forces is on the Saranda area. All the big Naxalites are confined in it. Their siege has been going on for several months. Thanks to jharkhand police and CRPF personnel, dozens of villages under the influence of Naxalites have been freed from them. However, the security forces have suffered a lot in this operation.

Names and registered cases of 15 notorious Naxalites who surrendered

1. Eight against Pradhan Koda 2. Seven against Chandromohan 3. Five against Pagla Gop 4. Four against Vijay Boyapai 5. Three against ganga Ram Purti 6. Two against Boyo Koda 7. Two against Jogen Koda, 8. Two against Pelong Koda 9. Two against Ramja Purti, 10. One against Sohan Singh 11. One against Sushil Doreen Champia 12. One against Sonu Champia, 13. One against Mani Champia 14. One against Moga Champia And 15. A case has been registered against a minor Naxalite.

The exploits of Patiram Manjhi and Misir Besra were disturbing.

Naxalites Patiram Manjhi and Misir Besra, who have a reward of Rs 1 crore, have been continuously exploiting the Naxalites present in their caste. Due to this 15 Naxalites were angry with him for a long time. Now they decided to return to the mainstream and during a program organized at Chaibasa police Line on Thursday, all the Naxalites surrendered before DIG Manoj Ratan IV, DC kuldeep Chaudhary, and SP Ashutosh Shekhar. The 14 Naxalites who surrendered have a criminal history. Cases are registered against them in different police stations in the Chaibasa district.

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