Retaliated against vikramaditya Singh...let's know.

Kangana said, "Only Modi will come. manali is not just a piece of land for me but my feelings. vikramaditya is my younger brother. I told him raja Babu, Chhota Pappu, what did he say? He was shocked. love someone." "Chhota Babu, Pappu" said.

Kangana asked the question, "If you are a minister in the vikramaditya government, then tell me whether you started a pension scheme. Has anyone seen the mobile van for health services? They had promised to give Rs 1500 to women, so what did you get? Does anyone talk about work?" If he has it and shows it by doing, he is narendra Modi. PM Modi's guarantee is running in the entire country. Now we have to join that wave. But the thinking of congress is anti-women."

Vikramaditya Singh had stated Kangana

Earlier, himachal pradesh government minister vikramaditya Singh had stated kangana Ranaut. He said, "BJP's Mandi candidate kangana was in manali today. The terminology she used for congress in a program would not have been used in such a sacred land like Himachal to date. She used this terminology in Manali. We should have talked about the issues. A few days ago, the biggest disaster of the century had hit Manali. Did you come to manali even for a day during the disaster? What you eat, and what you drink in Mumbai, are not the issues of Himachal Pradesh. "Talk about what you want to do for the market."

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