Politics starts due to bad weather in the election year…

Before the lok sabha elections, chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has once again announced to provide relief to the farmers troubled by the weather. chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that if farmers suffer any kind of loss due to weather, then in such a situation the government stands with the farmers. bjp has taken a dig at the Chief Minister's statement on Congress's statement. According to congress, farmers have not received anything except assurances for the last several years. It is noteworthy that in many districts of madhya pradesh these days, farmers are facing losses due to hailstorms and unseasonal rain. Vegetables have also been affected by the weather. Regarding this, chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has stated that whenever there is a time of crisis, the bjp government stands with the farmers. chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav also said that instructions have been given to the officials to conduct the survey.

But compensation has not been received

He also said that farmers are facing problems in purchasing wheat, there too orders have been given to the local administration to solve the problems of the farmers. State congress Committee spokesperson mukesh Nayak has sharply attacked the Chief Minister's statement and said that the experience of the farmers has not been good. Every time they have received assurance from the government but they have not received compensation. This time also farmers need compensation. Farmers have suffered huge losses due to unseasonal rain and hailstorms in Madhya Pradesh.

Instructions for keeping wheat in a covered area

Chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that wheat procurement is going on in Madhya Pradesh. During this period, 80% of the wheat has reached the covered area, while 20% of the wheat that is lying in the open has also been instructed to reach a safe place. Officials have been told that farmers should not face any problems while purchasing wheat. Apart from this, wheat purchased at support price should also be kept in a safe place.

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