New is strange. An old one is called Routine. Even though the ruling party has announced many promises and implemented them, some voters want something new. Did we vote for this party in the last election? If it is changed this time, there will be a majority voter affair in the type called Pola. Some people also hope that he will do anything else if he comes.

The stage is set for universalism in AP. In this background, the leaders of the respective parties are indulging in campaigning without even counting the sun. Cold assurances are showered on the voters. Chandrababu made a strategy to defeat jagan unconscious in this election. That is why he is not leaving any chance. On the other hand, jagan is also trying to stir up sentiments that he is alone and everyone is coming.. and plotting against him. All in all, this time in AP, there is no way to miss a hora hori fight.

Compared to jagan, this election is very important for Chandrababu. He is already in his seventies. If he loses this time, he will have to stay away from politics. In any case, he may not have the capacity to run the party due to his age, except to make suggestions and suggestions. Now, if he loses, the political future of tdp will be in question, he is fighting desperately.

He is weighing the reasons for his coming to power. Chandrababu strongly believes that opposition to the government, belief in Pawan and Modi mania will strengthen him. Apart from this, we have promised to increase the salaries of the volunteers along with the super six schemes, the pension for BCs at the age of 50, and they are confident that they will also support us. Let's see what happens.

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