The nda alliance feels that andhra pradesh should show a firm grip. In a few days, it will contest the upcoming assembly elections as part of an alliance with nda, telugu Desam and Jana Sena. Due to the adjustment of seats as part of this alliance, even some senior leaders who have a lot of influence in the party did not get seats. They are very unhappy after working for the party for so long and not getting a seat.

Now the alliance feels that it will become a big risk as they will not support the candidates who got the seat as part of the alliance there. At present, the leaders of the alliance feel that they should somehow appease the leaders who are dissatisfied with it and make them work for the party and the alliance. The leaders of the three parties focused on overcoming this problem.

On the other hand, it seems that the alliance leaders are also discussing the change of candidates in the constituency where there is a lot of discontent. A meeting of leaders of alliance parties was recently held at Chandrababu's residence in undavalli to discuss many issues. A meeting of key leaders of nda parties was held at Chandrababu's residence in Undavalli. janasena president Pawan Kalyan, bjp state president Purandhareshwari, bjp national general secretary Arun Singh and former minister Siddharth Nath Singh participated in this meeting.

It seems that the alliance leaders took very important decisions in this meeting which lasted for about two hours. They seem to have decided that in this meeting they should give encouragement to the cadre to work hard in all matters from the ward level to the constituency level. Also, it seems that the nda thinks that prime minister Modi along with top leaders like amit shah, Nadda and rajnath singh should be attracted to the people by bringing them into the campaign.

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