Digvijay Singh compared this election with 1977...?

Former chief minister of madhya pradesh and congress candidate from Rajgarh lok sabha, Digvijaya Singh, while addressing the general meeting, said that this election is difficult, hence it is not he but the people of the lok sabha constituency who are contesting this election. He compared this election with the first election fought in the year 1977. In Digvijay Singh's statement, the bjp said that he already knew about it and that is why he was continuously refusing to contest the elections.

The video of former chief minister Digvijay Singh addressing the general meeting is going viral on social media. In this video, he is seen saying that he had contested the first election in the year 1977. When many people from Raghogarh were present with him. He also said that some people were not even born on time, but the election held in the year 1977 was a very difficult election because of the resentment of the people towards the Congress. Digvijay Singh said that he won that difficult election by two and a half thousand votes.

The election is as difficult as 1977 – Digvijay

Giving the example of that election, Digvijay Singh said that only the candidates from Raghogarh achieved victory in struggles and adverse circumstances. Along with this, to gain the support of the public, Digvijay Singh also stated that this time the lok sabha elections are as difficult as the year 1977 but this time the public is contesting the elections.

It is good that Digvijay knows the result - BJP

Bharatiya Janata party state spokesperson Rajpal Singh Sisodia said that Digvijay Singh already knew that the election was very difficult, hence he did not want to contest. He had also cited the reason for not completing his rajya sabha tenure. However, congress fielded him. It is good that Digvijay Singh knows the result already.

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