As the Parliamentary elections in telangana approach, all political parties are intensifying their efforts to sway voters in their favour. Despite facing setbacks in the previous assembly elections, the BRS party is determined to showcase its strength in the upcoming parliamentary polls. Candidates for all 17 seats have been announced, and they are actively engaging in campaign activities to garner support.

Meanwhile, both the ruling congress party and the bjp are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for victory. Amidst this fervent political activity, survey reports have emerged as a topic of heated discussion. While survey predictions are often speculative, a recent report has sparked significant attention by suggesting that the BRS party stands little to no chance of securing any seats in the parliamentary elections.

According to the survey, the real contest lies between the congress and bjp, with both parties vying for dominance in the electoral arena. The report highlights the challenges faced by the BRS party, including key leaders defecting and controversies surrounding KCR's involvement in a liquor scam. As a result, the survey predicts that the congress and bjp are likely to emerge victorious in most constituencies, except for Owaisi's stronghold in Hyderabad.

At the grassroots level, public sentiment appears to have shifted away from the BRS party, with voters seemingly more inclined towards the Congress-BJP alliance. The survey foresees both parties securing a significant number of seats, with each expected to win seven to eight seats respectively. Ultimately, the decision rests with the voters of telangana, whose choices will shape the outcome of the elections.

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