KTR, introduced as the successor to KCR, has garnered admiration for his political acumen and eloquence in Telangana. Despite initial scepticism about his overseas education, he swiftly established himself in state politics, earning praise as a worthy heir to KCR's legacy. His tenure as IT minister has further endeared him to the people of telangana, who appreciate his effectiveness and communication skills.

However, recent remarks by ktr have sparked controversy and backlash. During a recent interview, when asked about the upcoming elections in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, ktr remarked that it mattered less who won as long as good governance prevailed. He went on to praise the intelligence and dynamism of the people of Andhra Pradesh, contrasting them with the people of Telangana.

These comments have ignited outrage among voters in telangana, who feel slighted by KTR's implication that they are less intelligent or dynamic than their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh. Many have taken to social media to express their discontent, questioning why ktr would make such disparaging remarks about the very electorate that twice voted him into power.

Critics argue that KTR's comments undermine the trust and support of telangana voters, who have shown faith in his leadership. They highlight the importance of respecting and valuing the electorate, regardless of regional differences. KTR's remarks have underscored the delicate balance between political rhetoric and public sentiment, serving as a reminder of the need for politicians to choose their words carefully.

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