The backdrop of the parliamentary elections in telangana has seen all political parties intensifying their efforts to secure victory. Amidst this fervor, accusations and speculations have arisen, particularly regarding the alleged collusion between congress and BJP. telangana chief minister revanth reddy has been a vocal critic of the bjp, prompting rumours of his potential defection to the party.
In a recent development, VRS has accused revanth of congress of fielding dummy candidates to ensure BJP's victory. siddipet MLA harish rao, a prominent figure in TRS, echoed these sentiments during a roadshow supporting BRS candidate vinod kumar in Karimnagar. harish rao made startling assertions, alleging a clandestine arrangement between congress and bjp in Telangana. He claimed that dummy candidates were strategically deployed to secure Revanth's victory, suggesting a duplicitous strategy aimed at deceiving voters.

These accusations have stirred controversy and raised questions about the integrity of the electoral process. Harish Rao's remarks underscore the prevailing tensions and suspicions within the political landscape of Telangana. As the parliamentary elections approach, voters are increasingly vigilant and wary of potential manipulations by political parties. The allegations of a "dark deal" between congress and bjp have cast a shadow over the electoral dynamics in telangana, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in the democratic process.

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