Currently, telangana politics has heated up once again in the background of the parliament elections. All the parties are moving ahead with the aim of winning the lok sabha elections. The announcement of candidates is almost complete. Candidates of some parties are already entering the campaign field. But the congress, which won the assembly elections and took over the power, wants to win the majority seats in the parliament elections. Having lost in the same assembly elections and aligning with every party, BRS wants to assert its power in the lok sabha elections.

  Meanwhile, revanth reddy continues to give shocks to KCR, the rose-broker, by including all the key leaders of the DRS party in the congress fold. At a time like this, BRS leaders are also targeting revanth and criticizing him repeatedly by bringing the same thing on the screen. It is said that revanth, who is currently serving as the cm from the congress party, is going to join the BJP. Many telangana people have a question as to whether there is a need for revanth to join the bjp when the cm is in the chair from the Congress.

  Meanwhile, the key leader of the party, ktr, made key comments on why BRS criticizes revanth like this. He questioned why the cm is not responding to the allegations that he will join the BJP. revanth is afraid that the center may investigate the banknote case. Revanth's actions are seen to make bjp candidates win in seats like Secunderabad, Karimnagar, Nizambad, Chevella, Adilabad. ktr criticized revanth saying that he wants to win four bjp MPs because he will somehow join the BJP.

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