Big shock for BJP..! Petitions against mla Rakesh Reddy..!?

It can be said that the telangana bjp faced a huge twist before the elections. nizamabad District Armul mla Paidi Rakesh reddy filed two petitions in the high court alleging that he had given false information in the affidavit given during the election. As the lok sabha elections are approaching in telangana, many unexpected changes are taking place. Meanwhile, nizamabad district Armor mla Paidi Rakesh reddy has hidden many things in the affidavit submitted during the election. congress mla candidate Rakesh reddy and former BRS mla jeevan Reddy have filed two separate petitions. Generally, during the election, every candidate in the election circle submits all the information about his properties, debts, and police cases to the election commission in the form of an affidavit. In this, congress leader Rakesh reddy filed a petition in the high court for not giving information about the godowns built in the agricultural area in Hyderabad.
Similarly, former mla jeevan Reddy has separately filed another petition in the high court that Rakesh reddy has not included the details of the cases against him in the affidavit. This has now become a hot topic in Nizamabad. On the other hand, Paidi Rakesh reddy, nizamabad MP Dharmapuri is also being promoted as a good loyalist of Aravind. Meanwhile, in the last election in Armul, there was a contest between Paidi Rakesh reddy and jeevan Reddy. Unexpectedly, Rakesh reddy, who entered the fray from the congress, stood in the second position. Similarly, on many occasions, Paidirakesh reddy often comments that BRS mla jeevan Reddy has robbed Armor for ten years. The case of bjp mla Paidi Rakesh reddy has become a topic of discussion in telangana politics.

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