The nda alliance concluded at Chandrababu's residence…

As the ap assembly (AP election 2024) and lok sabha polls (Lok Sabha polls 2024) are approaching, the nda alliance is focusing on winning strategies. To this extent, a crucial meeting was held on friday between TDP, janasena, and bjp in the alliance. The alliance meeting was held at Nara Chandrababu Naidu's residence in Tadepalli. Chandrababu, janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan, ap bjp President Purandeshwari, National General Secretary Arun Singh, and Former minister Siddharth Nath Singh participated in this meeting which lasted for more than 2 hours. Along with the joint campaign in the state, the leaders discussed the issue of adjustment of seats. Discussed important issues. In this meeting, it was decided to prepare a route map for the joint meetings. As the elections are approaching, the nda alliance has also selected many star campaigners for the campaign.

In this meeting, it was decided to hold special meetings from booth level, assembly level to parliament level for coordination between the three parties in the elections. It was decided in the meeting to form a state-level committee to examine the affairs of campaigning and election management and to prepare strategies. The leaders also discussed the steps to be taken to achieve results at the field level on the transfer of votes. Leaders are of the view that leaders are moving in good coordination in many areas and this is a good development. All the leaders expressed their satisfaction with the grand success of the alliance meetings held in Godavari districts. He opined that joint assemblies give enthusiasm to activists.

The nda leaders have decided to hold similar joint campaign meetings in as many constituencies as possible. They have decided to fight against the abuse of power by the government from time to time to the election commission and fight till action is taken. It has been decided to prepare a plan so that the election Code is properly implemented... by constantly talking to the election commission and bringing the issues to the attention of the ec in real-time.

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