Importation of raiders from abroad; DMK candidate makes sensational accusation against BJP

DMK has accused bjp candidate annamalai of campaigning with his supporters in coimbatore after 10 pm.DMK candidate Ganapathi Rajkumar and DMK Metropolitan district Secretary Na. karthik met the media in the Beelamedu area of Coimbatore. Na. karthik said, "Yesterday annamalai campaigned in the Avarampalayam area till 10.40 pm in violation of election conduct rules. He is involved in collecting votes from street to street. Members of the india Alliance have complained to the police about this.

At that time, raiders imported from outside attacked India's allies. This is strongly reprehensible. We have video evidence. At 10.40 p.m. in the vehicle, he is talking on the loudspeaker. This is a testimony to the kind of person he is. Similarly, he has carried out election campaigns in many places.

Annamalai is breaking the law while being a candidate. Attacking DMK allies. The police department has not registered a case against annamalai and important bjp figures in this regard. We have filed a complaint with the district Collector. The election commission did not take any action despite filing a complaint about illegal annamalai campaigning.

The trust in the election commission is gone. The bjp is hoping to win by inciting sectarianism. DMK believes in democracy. We will not be afraid of annamalai Poochandi. Action should be taken on Annamalai. The election commission should act neutrally. The election commission works unilaterally. We will take legal action in this matter," he said.

Coimbatore DMK candidate Ganapathi Rajkumar said, “Coimbatore is a city that loves peace. No rowdyism here. BJP's identity has come out. There is a suspicion that the bjp, fearing defeat, may infiltrate foreign people and create riots. school and college students are involved in election campaigning. The election commission should look into these. police should take action.

The election commission did not take any action despite filing a valid complaint. There are suspicions that the bjp is planning to disrupt the election due to fear of defeat. elections should be conducted neutrally. As a ruling party, we are following the law. bjp is trying to create a favorable situation by taking power in hand. All these threats will not be taken in coimbatore,” he said.

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