Prime minister Modi will get scared if he sees me; A. Raza's sensational speech in the campaign

A. Raza's speech in the campaign held in Mettupalayam city areas that prime minister Modi will be very afraid if he sees DMK and me.

Nilgiri lok sabha Constituency DMK candidate A. Raza campaigned today in Mettupalayam Municipality, Coimbatore. While in the campaign vehicle, he lobbied the people to collect votes for the rising sun symbol. A. Raza engaged in intensive vote collection among the people gathered at Annajirao Road, MSR Puram.

Speaking at that time, he said, "The Constitution defines the rights of all the people of the country such as Muslims, Christians and Hindus, and the rights of the prime minister, the chief minister and the supreme Court. prime minister Modi says that if I win again, I will amend this Constitution.

They will do away with the Constitution of India. The chief minister of delhi and the chief minister of Jharkhand, who were elected by the people, have been imprisoned. That is why stalin called to save India. Modi is afraid of DMK. Especially when they see me, they are very, very scared. Because I am questioning them face-to-face in Parliament.

If the Constitution Act is changed, there will be only a presidential system of government. election is only one time. If you question it, you will be put in jail. Many people in the present democracy are imprisoned. If the central government wins the election once again, there will be no democracy."

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