Nara Bhuvaneswari: The top trending hashtag is Truth Win…

The nijam gelvali nda ravali (nijam gelvali nda ravali) hashtag.. is trending at the number 1 position in X account across the country. tdp National President Nara Chandrababu was offended by the illegal arrest and addressed the families of all the dead in the name of nijam gelvali (Nara Bhubaneshwar). Apart from providing financial assistance to the respective families, Bhuvanamma assured them through her trip that the party would support them in all ways. The trip ended on the 13th of April.. that means today. With this, lakhs of congratulations are pouring in congratulating Bhuvaneswari as an X platform.

TDP National President Nara chandrababu naidu was illegally arrested by the jagan government in the ap Skill Development Case. In that order, the acb court remanded him for 14 days. He was shifted to rajahmundry Central Jail. Chandrababu was granted bail after 52 days. However, 203 people died due to Chandrababu's illegal arrest.

Nade nara bhuvaneshwari announced that he would visit the respective families and reassure them. Similarly, nara bhuvaneshwari went on a yatra across the state in the name of Najja Gelavali. Per family, Rs. 3 lakhs each provided financial assistance. Also, Bhuvanamma assured them that the party would be like Anda Danda.. for all the holidays. On october 25 last year, nara bhuvaneshwari launched the Najja Gelawali program in chittoor district. This trip lasted for about six months. The program was held in 95 assembly constituencies under a total of 25 lok sabha constituencies.

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