The tdp campaign in andhra pradesh is gaining momentum as party leaders, including chandrababu naidu and Nara Lokesh, intensify their efforts at the grassroots level. Joint assemblies have been organized to focus on districts, garnering significant responses. However, the campaign is set to escalate further as the nomination phase commences on the 18th, with the party preparing various strategies to bolster its presence.

Members of the Nara and Nandamuri families are poised to play active roles in the campaign. nara bhuvaneshwari completed the Naja Gelawali yatra and will begin touring constituencies from Monday. Brahmani, Nara's daughter-in-law, will engage in campaigning in mangalagiri from the 18th onwards. Meanwhile, mla Nandamuri balakrishna initiated the Swarnandra Sakara yatra, focusing on statewide campaign efforts in support of coalition parties. 

His wife, Nandamuri Vasundhara, will join the campaign in hindupuram starting on the 18th. In addition to family members, expatriates are also mobilizing to support the tdp campaign. A thousand nri tdp leaders will participate in field-level campaigning from the 18th onwards, alongside sympathizers employed in IT roles in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai, estimated to be around 500 individuals. Special arrangements are being made to facilitate their involvement in the campaign.

Overall, the tdp campaign is poised to strengthen significantly over the next 20 days, with concerted efforts from various stakeholders aimed at maximizing outreach and engagement with voters.

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