Stone attack. Central election commission is serious…

Central election commission (Election Commission) reacted to the incident of the stone attack on andhra pradesh chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Expressed outrage over the security failure. The other day, the Prime Minister's house and the CM's house yesterday expressed regret over the succession incidents. It has issued instructions to submit a report with full details on the latest incident. The police were alerted by the EC's order. vijayawada police are searching the area where the incident took place. CCTV cameras are being examined. Special teams have been formed to investigate the case. vijayawada CP kranti Rana will submit the preliminary report regarding the attack to the ec this evening.

Yesterday cm jagan was attacked with stones during his bus trip in Vijayawada. As a result, the chief minister was injured on the forehead above the left eye. There was no electricity supply in the area at the time of the incident. The doctors on his bus gave the cm basic treatment. After that, the campaign continued. Doctors said that jagan received two stitches on his forehead, the injury was not serious, but there was no danger, and the swelling was high.

Andhra Pradesh was shocked by the incident of the attack on the CM. Many are expressing serious doubts about security. Along with intelligence security, cm security, escort, periphery, and hundreds of security personnel will be provided to the Chief Minister. Apart from these, there is security provided by the local police everywhere. However, people are saying that if they could throw a stone at the cm and injure him, it shows how badly the police have failed in terms of security.

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