Former minister Kodali Nani: Targeted and beaten….

The incident of the stone attack on cm jagan has become a hot topic in state politics. Former minister, Gudiwada mla nani -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kodali nani made sensational comments. It is alleged that cm jagan ( cm YS jagan ) is not able to face politically and an attempt is being made to eliminate him. He criticized that the attacks were taking place during the elections only with the inspiration of Chandrababu. They demanded to give black cats security to cm Jagan. It was revealed that the attack was carried out with a well-planned strategy. nani -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kodali nani reminded that Chandrababu told Jaganmohan reddy to be stoned in Tulluru. Infuriated by those words, the telugu brothers allegedly tried to kill the CM. He explained that he was heavily armed and hit the target according to strategy.

Movements in the campaign hit Guru Tappi in the eye. cm jagan survived the injury due to God's blessings and people's blessings. The elders who condemned the attack are saying that cm Jagane attacked him in an uncultured manner. According to surveys conducted by nine recognized organizations, 125 assembly seats, and 20 parliament seats will be up for grabs. Unable to face Jaganmohan reddy politically, some political unemployed in the heart of vijayawada Dr. B.R. Some factions attacked Jaganmohan reddy with the faction that erected the statue of Ambedkar.

Kodali nani said that there was an attempt to take the life of a chief minister and many elders were behind this incident. He said that the stone that hit the cm also hit the former minister Vellampalli and he was also injured. It has been revealed that people of the level of prime minister and chief minister will cut off electricity during the day or night while going on road shows. He asked whether Chandrababu, who became the cm, was aware of that matter. Eddewa said that Chandrababu's comments calling for action against the officials are ridiculous.

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