BRS leader KCR - Chevella intellectuals.. Think and vote..?

BRS leader kcr has suggested that the intellectuals of Chevella should think once and vote. He addressed the public blessing meeting organized on saturday at Fara Engineering college ground in Chevella. kcr said that BR's candidate Kasani Gnaneshwar should win with a huge majority. Kasani has served the joint district as the Chairman of ZP and is a person with knowledge and experience in governance.

He said that political awareness had been brought in the BCs and if the BCs had courage, he called for the victory of Kasani Gnaneshwar to be a turning point for the BCs. He said that the BR's government has the credit of bringing big companies like Velpan, Kundan, Katara, and amazon in Chandanavelli of Shabad mandal, electronic buses in Sitarampuram, and setting up a railway coach factory in Kondakal of shankarpally Mandal. He alleged that from Uddandapur to Chevella, cultivation, and drinking water works were continued, but the congress government blocked them.

He said that in Vikarabad and Rangareddy districts, paddy crop was grown under bore wells and grain yielded in excess. He said that the BRS government bought grain directly from the farmers without any intermediary system and deposited it in the accounts of the farmers. He reminded that although the bjp government did not give medical colleges and Navodaya colleges to Rangareddy district, their government gave separate medical colleges to Rangareddy and Vikarabad districts.

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