Haryana-Punjab leaders reacted to BJP's election manifesto…

The election manifesto was released by the bjp on Sunday. bjp has named it 'Sankalp Patra'. Reactions of all bjp leaders regarding 'Sankalp Patra' are coming out. In this context, former haryana bjp President Aum Prakash Dhankhar said that it is a 'sankalp patra' that fulfills the aspirations of India. There are aspirations of the youth, there is respect for the elders, there is the prosperity of women power and there is also the welfare of the poor. The bjp leader further said that what will be the future of india which will take all parties together, and how will it move forward on the path of development by becoming a global hub of everything, this has been declared in the resolution letter. PM Modi has made a 5-year roadmap based on his vision, which also includes bullet trains and is also a concern for street vendors. This 'Sankalp Patra' has touched every section.

‘All sections were given a place in the manifesto’

Punjab bjp leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa also reacted to BJP's election manifesto. He said that all sections have been given a place in this manifesto. The prime minister of india has not only expanded the schemes that have been running for the last 10 years. Rather, along with this, care has also been taken as to how to rapidly connect other sections with it and take the country forward.

‘The promises made in 2014 and 2019 have been fulfilled’

Regarding the 'resolution letter', senior punjab bjp leader and national general secretary tarun Chugh said that the resolution letter presented by PM Modi today is complete keeping in mind the four directions of india and all sections of the society. In this, care has been taken of the elderly people of the country. All of them have been brought under medical cover. The fight against poverty will continue in the times to come. On the reactions of congress leaders to the manifesto, tarun Chugh said that we have fulfilled whatever promises we had made in 2014 and 2019. Today ration is reaching the homes of 80 crore poor people. 4 crore poor people have got permanent houses. Tap water has reached 14 crore houses. 12 crore toilets have been built. The illusions that congress people are spreading are false.

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