Randeep Surjewala called BJP's manifesto a 'combo pack'...

BJP has released its election manifesto today regarding the lok sabha elections. congress leaders are targeting the bjp regarding this. In this context, the reaction of senior haryana congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala has also come to light. He posted on X and wrote that BJP's manifesto is a combo pack of catchphrases. The promises that have passed their expiry date have once again been presented before the country by filling them in the hollow envelope of Modi's guarantee.

The congress leader further wrote that the bjp thought it best to forget many such false promises whose 'expiry date' passed only in 2022. Permanent houses to the poor, cheap cooking gas to women, cheap loans to the youth, crop insurance to farmers, and simple business laws. Seeing the same falsehoods and old catchphrases again in BJP's new election manifesto. After facing 10 years of bjp full of loot, profiteering, and all-round atrocities, now the country is going to be filled with anger.

‘The farmer families of the country were treated like enemies’

Randeep Singh Surjewala wrote in Leave 30 lakh vacant posts of Central Government. bjp, which implemented a 'contract system' even in the army, also put the dreams of youth to serve the country in 'Agneepath'. bjp, which treats the farmer families of the country like enemies, cheated on the MSP guarantee even after the martyrdom of more than 700 farmers. Surjewala wrote that due to the arrogance of power, there is so much hatred towards the backward, Dalits, deprived and weak people of the country that they are bent upon changing the Constitution for the sake of 'control'. Surjewala said that now enough is enough with this injustice and atrocities, the country is ready to uproot the bjp, congress, and the government of India.

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