A row of stone pelting on political leaders in andhra pradesh is creating a stir. On Saturday, unknown people pelted stones on cm Jagan. Yesterday evening they also threw stones on janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. Now there are reports that some hooligans pelted stones on tdp leader Chandrababu too. But jagan got seriously injured in such stone attack. Fortunately, Chandrababu pawan kalyan was not injured.

In the Praja Galam Sabha organized by Chandrababu, stones were pelted and there was a great uproar. A thug threw a stone at Babu, who was touring gajuwaka as part of the election campaign, while he was giving a speech. However, Chandrababu was not injured in this incident. The staff there immediately got alerted and tried to catch the assailant but it seems that he ran away.

It is in this background that the police are hunting for the person who threw stones.. But Chandrababu suddenly got fired up after throwing stones.. He expressed his anger that such an incident is happening only because of the failure of the police.. On Saturday, cm jagan was stoned in the dark. Chandrababu got fired saying that stone was thrown at him when there was electricity. He also said that Chandrababu had pelted stones on Pawan in tenali as well, saying that Chandrababu was behind this and that they were behind it with a lot of ganja and a batch of blades. He said that Chandrababu is demanding strict action against all those who threw stones. Due to this, Jagan's fans are also saying that they do not understand why yesterday Pawan and Chandrababu are pelting stones like this.

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