A wife who collected votes for her husband wearing a candidate's mask; A strange campaign in Puduvai

In puducherry, a wife wearing her husband's mask in support of the AIADMK candidate Tamilvendan solicited votes from small traders at the farmers' market.

Candidate Tamilvendan is contesting on behalf of AIADMK in the parliamentary elections to be held in Puducherry. He is actively involved in collecting votes across the puducherry state. In this case, in support of the candidate Tamilventhan, his wife Nivedita Tamilventhan has started collecting votes today by wearing her husband's mask and going street to street in Puducherry. At the farmer's market near Puducherry's Anna statue, she urged women and elderly people who run small businesses to vote for her husband.

He continued to walk to the shops from Anna statue to Nehru Street and gave notices to AIADMK to vote for the double leaf symbol and actively engaged in vote collection. All the women and men who went with him wore masks of the candidate Tamilvendan and collected votes in a different way asking them to vote for the AIADMK candidate.

Nivedita Tamilvendan later said to the media that if she voted for my husband in the ongoing parliamentary elections, I promised to fulfill all the basic needs of common women. I know very well what are the basic needs of a common woman. Likewise, we promise to provide everything to small businesswomen.

She said that the bjp and congress candidates who have been in power in puducherry many times have not done anything yet. They have been saying that they will do it if they come to power again, so if you vote for my husband who has been fielded as a young man from AIADMK this time, I promise that we will fulfill all the promises made by AIADMK and our husband.

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