Chandrababu Naidu's four-day election campaign in Uttar Andhra has brought the spotlight back on the development and capital issues in the region. As he tours through Visakhapatnam, Vijayanagaram, srikakulam, and other districts, Naidu is addressing the concerns and aspirations of the people, while also engaging in political rhetoric.

One of the key points of contention is the question of development and infrastructure in Uttar Andhra. Naidu faced criticism over the lack of central government sector organizations in srikakulam despite TDP's political presence in the district. In response, he highlighted the development that took place during the YSRCP regime and promised further improvements if his party came to power again.

Moreover, the issue of the capital has resurfaced, with YSRCP reiterating its plan to make vizag the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Naidu, on the other hand, has been advocating for amaravati as the capital and promised to make it a "wonderful capital" if tdp returns to power. The clash between the two parties over the capital city reflects the broader debate about regional development and political priorities.

Meanwhile, Senior minister Dharmana's endorsement of vizag as the capital adds another dimension to the discussion. While YSRCP emphasizes Vizag's potential as a full-fledged capital, tdp stresses its vision for Amaravati's growth and development.

Overall, Naidu's tour and the ensuing debates underscore the importance of regional development and capital issues in andhra pradesh politics. The upcoming election will likely hinge on how effectively each party addresses these concerns and convinces voters of its vision for the state's future.

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