There is a stark disparity between politicians and activists within the political landscape, particularly focusing on the situation in Andhra Pradesh. It emphasizes how politicians prioritize personal gain and luxury, while activists remain dedicated to their causes, often facing the brunt of political violence and persecution.

In this environment, where politicians frequently switch parties to advance their interests, activists continue to support their chosen causes, tirelessly organizing rallies and casting votes. However, they are often manipulated by leaders who incite division and hatred among them, exploiting caste and religious affiliations for political gain.

The recent incidents of stone pelting in andhra pradesh serve as a grim reminder of this toxic political culture, with accusations flying between rival parties. Despite this violence, it is the activists who bear the consequences, often ending up in jail while leaders evade accountability.

Ultimately, it is the politicians who reap the rewards of power and wealth, leaving activists marginalized and exploited. 

The reevaluation of the political system urges activists to reconsider their loyalty to leaders who prioritize self-interest over the welfare of the people. It calls for a more equitable and just political system that prioritizes the rights and well-being of all citizens, rather than serving the interests of a select few.

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