Currently, telangana politics has heated up once again in the background of parliament elections. 

All the parties are joining hands to win the majority seats. In this order, the BRS party has high hopes for victory in this parliamentary election. The BRS lost power in the last assembly elections, limited to only a few seats. At such a time, all the key leaders of the party are also reaching the congress fold. Due to this, kcr, who is a rose merchant, is getting shocks in a row.

  At a time like this, kcr wants to increase the self-confidence of all the leaders who are currently in the party after being able to do well in the parliamentary elections. Apart from all the parliamentary segments, special focus was placed on KCR's district, medak parliamentary constituency. They want to succeed there in any situation. But in this parliament segment, raghunandan rao on behalf of the BJP, Venkataraman reddy on behalf of BRS, and Neelam Madhu on behalf of congress entered the ring. But there is suspense over who will win. Meanwhile, the congress party is moving forward with the aim of victory in the medak district. Former mla Mynampally Hanumantha Rao along with current medak mla Mynampally Rohit are working hard for Neelam Madhu's victory.

  Just as cm Revanth dealt a blow to kcr by including the key leaders of BRS in his party, Mainampalli Hanumantha Rao also took steps to include the BRS leaders in medak in the Congress. Meeting with them became a hot topic. However, there are reports that the chairman of BR's councilors is also likely to join the Congress. And now what was expected happened. kcr got a big shock in Medak. Municipal Chairman Thodupunur Chandrapal and councilors joined the congress party. Former mla Mainampally Hanumantha Rao invited them to the congress party

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