Congress leader priyanka gandhi lashed out at bjp in Jalore…

Politicians are busy campaigning for the lok sabha elections in rajasthan by holding public meetings and rallies. In this sequence, National General Secretary of congress priyanka gandhi reached Bhinmal. Here he addressed the gathering in support of congress candidate Vaibhav Gehlot from the Jalore Sirohi lok sabha seat. On this occasion, priyanka gandhi fiercely targeted BJP.

Congress National General Secretary priyanka gandhi said that it is election time and this is the time to take account. Referring to the assembly elections, he said that a few days ago elections were also held in Rajasthan. You people were happy with ashok Gehlot, while some people also had resentment and complaints. That's why you people changed the government. Accusing the state government, priyanka gandhi said that after the change of government in rajasthan, you saw that all the social security schemes for the common people have been closed. There was insurance of Rs 25 lakh that too has been stopped. He said that elections are going on in the country. The election atmosphere is strange; prime minister Narendra Modi is saying nothing in his speech.

'PM Modi shows false bravery'

Taking a jibe at prime minister Modi, priyanka gandhi said that recently PM Modi had claimed that the people's deity baba Ramdev was born in Kashmir. He said that PM Modi sometimes shows his false bravery and sometimes boasts. Sometimes he introduces Kabir Das ji to Gorakhnath ji in his speech. Sometimes they make gas from gutters. Sometimes they launch missiles into the clouds. Sometimes he talks about meat and fish.

Referring to PM Modi's old statements, priyanka gandhi said that the prime minister sometimes talks about the time when there was no email. He said, "Sometimes they fly in the air, sometimes they go under the sea. priyanka gandhi asked what difference his statements and actions make. What concern does the common man have about this?" priyanka gandhi said that prime minister Modi is not understanding anything. His government has become so strict that officers and their co-workers are afraid. He said that when such a situation arises, then the person becomes cut off from the public. I feel that PM Modi has become cut off from the public. The congress leader said that the problem of the people is inflation and unemployment. Inflation and unemployment are at their peak in 10 years.

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