Priyanka Gandhi's taunt on expensive gas cylinder…

Regarding BJP's election promises, priyanka gandhi said that now elections are coming, they are talking about giving gas cylinders for Rs 400. He asked: If this is so then why did you give the cylinder for Rs 1200? The congress leader said that now elections are coming, they are talking about giving cylinders for Rs 400 and are also emphasizing reducing inflation.

'Paper leak is a big problem'

In her address, priyanka gandhi once again raised the paper leak issue. He said that paper leak is a big problem. Papers were leaked even during ashok Gehlot's government in Rajasthan. He has tried hard to stop this. This problem is not only in rajasthan but in the entire country. Wherever there is a job, the paper gets leaked there. priyanka gandhi promised that if our government comes to power, we will make a law for strict action against paper leaks.

'PM waived off Rs 16 thousand crores to the rich'

Priyanka gandhi Vadra said that a few days ago, the son of a rich man of the country got married with much pomp and show. She said that I want to know where so much money came from. He further said that these people are rich friends of PM Modi. Modi government waived their dues of Rs 16 thousand crores. On the other hand, farmers have to protest against the Modi government for MSP and loan waivers.

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