Election temperature starts rising in Singhbhum seat…

After the announcement of Indi Alliance's candidate for the lok sabha elections, the election temperature has started rising in Singhbhum, Jharkhand. bjp candidate Geeta Koda has been busy campaigning alone for the last 20 days. But, from saturday jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) also came into election mode. Voting for the Singhbhum parliamentary seat is to be held in the fourth phase on May 13. The nomination process will start on april 18.

On saturday, a district Committee meeting was held at the office of jharkhand Government minister and Chaibasa mla Deepak Biruwa in Sarnadih, in which the 'Ulgulan Maharally' convened in Hatia, ranchi on april 21, and the nomination of Grand Alliance candidate Joba Majhi on april 23 and the lok sabha elections were discussed. Preparations were discussed. Addressing the meeting, minister Deepak Biruwa said that there will be a competition between women and women in Singhbhum. Last time the alliance had won the election, this time the alliance won the election.

‘Geeta has made up her mind to defeat Koda’

Chaibasa mla said that last time we all together had made Geeta Koda win, but this time the people here have made up their minds to defeat her. minister Deepak Biruva said that there are 10-12 thousand Oraons in Chakradharpur, yet the public elected Sukhram Oraon as mla twice. Even in Manoharpur, there are not many people in the Santhal community, yet Joba Majhi became mla five times. Sukhram Oraon is the district President of jharkhand Mukti Morcha. bjp and RSS are breaking the social fabric.

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