Congress can get 30 percent votes, condition of AAP and BJP?

Vote share plays a big role in victory or defeat in elections. Parties try hard to increase their vote share. The same thing is being seen in punjab this time in the lok sabha elections. Parties are holding election rallies and trying to attract the public towards them. congress, bjp, SAD, and aam aadmi party (AAP) have put in all their strength to perform better than the previous elections. C-Voter has conducted a big survey regarding voter share for ABP. Let us know what its results say...

In the opinion poll of C-Voter, congress seems to be getting the highest vote share. He is going to get the votes of 30 percent of voters. Whereas the ruling aam aadmi party will remain in second place. AAP can get 27 percent of the votes. Punjab's biggest party, Akali Dal, is expected to get 16 percent votes, while Centre's ruling bjp is expected to get 21 percent. At the same time, six percent of votes will go to the account of others.

Final opinion poll of 2024

Source- C Voter

Punjab- 13 seats

Who gets how many votes?

BJP- 21%

AAP- 27%


Akali Dal-16%

OTH- 6%

Situation of the last two elections

In the 2019 lok sabha elections, Congress' vote share was 40.12 percent while SAD got 27.45 percent votes. bjp had got 9.63 percent votes and AAP had got only 7.83 percent votes. In 2014, congress got 33.10% votes and bjp got 8.70%. At the same time, SAD got the maximum 26.30 percent votes while aam aadmi party was in second place. AAP had secured 24.4 percent of votes.

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