In many cases, we keep hearing that wives are definitely behind the success of husbands.. Especially in andhra pradesh politics, wives of husbands are also going to enter the field seeking the success of husbands. Wishing the success of YS Jaganmohan reddy, his wife YS Bharti reddy made a pilgrimage to Pulivendului. It seems that YS Bharti is ready to campaign for Jagan's victory in Pulivendu. They are planning to stay in Pulivendu and mingle with the people till the elections are over.

Also, it seems that nara bhuvaneshwari, the wife of former cm tdp leader Chandrababu Naidu, is also going to file nomination papers on behalf of Chandrababu on behalf of Chandrababu for her husband's victory. nara bhuvaneshwari is going to stay in the heap till the elections are over.

TDP youth leader nara lokesh is contesting in Mangalagiri.. There are reports that his wife nara brahmani is also going to campaign in mangalagiri for his victory. It seems that nara brahmani is planning to stay in the crowd for her husband's success and ensure that everything is in favor of TDP.

It is known that balayya is contesting from Hindupur. This time, his wife Vasundhara also stepped in Hindupur for Balakrishna's victory. It seems that Vasundhara is working hard for Balayya's victory while her husband is always there. But this time when the elections are very juicy, they are tempted to see the success of their husbands. This time the elections seem to generate more heat. elections are going to be held between tdp and YCP. Many activists also say that it seems special that wives campaign for their husbands. And it remains to be seen who among these four will get what kind of success.

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