There will be shocking results…, claims ashok Gehlot…

The first phase of voting for the lok sabha elections is going to be held on april 19. Where elections are to be held in the first phase, star campaigners of BJP-Congress are holding election meetings. Besides, both parties have also released their respective manifestos. Now leaders of both parties are fiercely attacking each other regarding their manifestos. Meanwhile, former rajasthan cm ashok gehlot has fiercely targeted BJP's manifesto and PM narendra Modi.

Former cm ashok gehlot, while talking to news agency ANI, said that 'BJP was winning 25-0 for the last two times, but now the situation has changed. Now the atmosphere is in favor of Congress. I cannot say how many seats will be won, but the results will be shocking. Now every day the atmosphere is becoming favorable for Congress.

'The ruling party should talk on burning issues'

On BJP's issues like 370, ram Mandir, etc., former cm Gehlot said, 'These are their decisions, the issue is unemployment, but these people do not talk about it. The party in power should talk about the burning issues of the people. We have given 5 justices and 25 guarantees in the manifesto, but the bjp will not talk about it. What do these people mean by saying that the congress manifesto is influenced by the Muslim League? This shows that PM Modi has gone berserk.

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