In Andhra Pradesh, seats were also announced as part of the bjp, tdp and Jana Sena party alliance. Even though Chandrababu is plotting that the votes will be transferred through alliances, the discontent of the leaders who are hoping for a ticket in the party due to alliances is increasing day by day. In many constituencies, there is still deep dissatisfaction. Chandrababu called many people and it seems that everything is set, but at the field level, the situation looks different.

It is very clear that due to the actions of tdp leaders, the coalition parties are losing.. When it comes to Anantapur district.. telugu Desam leaders are expressing their dissatisfaction in this district. As part of the alliance in the dharmavaram constituency, the seat has been allotted to satya Kumar of the BJP. paritala sriram was actually hoping for this seat but he did not get it, but he is campaigning in favor of Satyakumar. Even though they are campaigning so hard, there are reports that Satya's victory is very doubtful.

Along with sriram, varadapuram suri was also hoping for a tdp ticket, but due to a feud between the two, the seat went to the bjp in the middle. With this, there are reports that varadapuram suri is playing a role in satya Kumar's defeat. Apart from this, in the raptadu constituency where paritala sunitha is contesting, there are rumors that many people are helping her defeat behind the scenes. It is also heard that varadapuram suri is persevering with plans to prevent the Paritala family from entering the Legislative Assembly, which prevented him from getting the dharmavaram ticket. people say that if this varadapuram suri gets hit, the Kutami party will lose in the two constituencies of dharmavaram and Rapatu. Let's see what happens.

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