How effective are issues like employment and reservation?

Why did all the parties of the indian alliance give so much importance to issues like employment, women, Agniveer, farmers, and reservation and are these promises effective? The real thing is that on all these issues the nda government has been weak somewhere or the opposition has opposite ideologies. These issues are also important for the development of the country.

Narendra Modi government's Agneepath scheme of reinstatement in the army has been controversial since the beginning. The opposition is continuously opposing it. The congress party says that recruitment in the army cannot be seen like jobs in other sectors, because it is a question of the security of the country.

About half the population of the country is women. No society can be capable without taking women along. But even today in some areas women do not get equal rights or respect as men. Whenever the question of women's empowerment arises, the society itself stands in the dock. The male-dominated tradition that has been going on since ancient times persists in some places. At present there is only 1 woman chief minister in a total of 28 states. In such a situation, it is necessary to think separately for the progress of women.

The promise of making a law giving a guarantee on farmers' loan waiver and MSP is one of the big promises of the Indi alliance. These farmers have been demanding this for a long time. Recently, thousands of farmers in punjab staged a massive protest on the Punjab-Haryana border demanding a law on MSP. Earlier in 2020 also, farmers had been protesting on five borders of delhi for about 14 months.

Unemployment is also a matter of concern in the country. The unemployment rate in india is 6.1 percent, which is the highest since 1972-73. In 2011-12 this rate was only 2.2 percent. However, in urban areas, the unemployment rate among men between the ages of 15 to 29 years is 18.7 percent, and among women is 27.2 percent. Whereas in rural areas it is 17.4 percent and 13.6 percent respectively. In such a situation, it is important to give priority to issues like employment in the manifesto.

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