As the elections for assembly and lok sabha seats in andhra pradesh draw closer, political parties are intensifying their campaigns across the state. While the tdp, Janasena, and bjp are campaigning together as part of an alliance, the YSRCP is conducting its campaign independently. Manifestos play a crucial role in shaping the electorate's decision, and both parties are keenly focused on presenting their agendas to the voters.

In the previous election, the YSRCP's "Navaratna" manifesto, which outlined various welfare schemes, contributed significantly to jagan Mohan Reddy's electoral success. Conversely, the TDP's "Chandrababu Manifesto" in 2014, which made 650 promises, faced criticism, particularly for failing to fulfil commitments related to farmers' loans and dwcra loans, resulting in a significant setback in the 2019 elections.

Currently, the tdp is emphasizing that 98% of Jagan's promises have been fulfilled and urging voters to evaluate the incumbent government's performance. However, the alliance, comprising tdp, Janasena, and bjp, has yet to release its manifesto. Speculations suggest that they may be awaiting the YSRCP's manifesto to strategize their release accordingly.

There are rumours that the alliance is apprehensive about the contents of the YSRCP manifesto, particularly concerning promises related to loan waivers for farmers and dwcra women. These issues hold significant importance as they directly impact a large portion of the electorate.

While the YSRCP has not divulged any details about its manifesto, pressure is mounting on jagan Mohan reddy from within the party to include substantial schemes for farmers and dwcra women. The outcome of these promises in the manifesto could sway the voters' sentiments, given the agricultural and gender-centric demographics in Andhra Pradesh.

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