The problem affects 35 crore people-issue are missing from elections…?

As soon as the summer season arrives, water becomes as precious as gold. 17% of the world's total population lives in India, but only 4% of the world's freshwater sources are available here. Out of the country's 140 crore population, 35 crore people do not have access to safe drinking water. But it is surprising that no leader has raised this serious issue nor has any political party even mentioned this problem in its manifesto. According to the niti aayog report, thousands of people in the country face severe water shortages. India's dependence on rain further increases this problem, as the arrival of the monsoon has now become uncertain. The problem of water shortage is also becoming serious due to climate change.

Water crisis is visible in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, has been facing water crisis for the last month. Here, water is being supplied to the people one by one through tankers. The water level here was the lowest in march in the last 5 years. Bengaluru is an IT hub. There are companies like google here, water supply has already been reduced. According to reports, out of 14,700 borewells in Bengaluru, 6,997 have gone dry.

The water level in industrial states like Maharashtra, and andhra pradesh and agricultural states Uttar Pradesh and punjab is less than the 10-year average. Last year the monsoon was very weak. The month of august was the driest in the last 100 years, this was because the El Nino weather pattern was dominant at that time. There was less rainfall in many areas, while there was more rainfall in some areas.

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