Why is it important for political parties to pay attention to this?

The government and political parties need to pay serious attention to the water crisis in india because water is the basis of life. Water shortage is a threat to national security but there seems to be a lack of will among political parties on this issue.

Lack of water can hurt people's health, agriculture, and economy. There may be social unrest and displacement. If this problem is not solved then the economic development of the country may also be affected.

What announcements could the politicians make in the manifesto?

Political parties could have made many announcements in their manifestos to deal with the water crisis in the country. Like announcing the construction of a new reservoir i.e. dam. Emphasis could be laid on storing rainwater and using it properly. Could have promised to emphasize adopting less water farming techniques. They could have resolved to clean the polluted water and reuse it. We could have talked about taking some concrete decisions to stop the wastage of water.

If political parties include these important things in their manifesto and pay serious attention to them, then it may be easier to deal with the water crisis in the future. Water crisis is a big challenge but it can be solved with the strong will and efforts of the government.

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