Trouble on three seats of bihar, india alliance worried…?

To the date of the electoral battle, there are two seats in bihar regarding which there is huge suspense. These seats are Siwan and east Champaran. RJD has not yet declared its candidate from Siwan and VIP has not yet declared its candidate from east Champaran. There is talk of Hina Shahab contesting from Siwan, whereas Awadh Bihari Chaudhary has received the green signal from RJD to contest the elections from there, but has not received the symbol yet. At the same time, bjp has fielded its strong leader Radhamohan Singh from east Champaran for the tenth time, but VIP has not been able to decide its candidate yet. A new name is emerging every day, but the final “deal” has not been done yet. At the same time, Karakat is a seat where there is hope of a triangular contest.

Where will the wind blow?

Mother is heavier than the earth and how can anyone break a promise made to her? For this reason, Pawan Singh is in the electoral fray this time, but is it only about promises or also about intentions? After all, what is Pawan Singh's intention behind leaving the bjp ticket from asansol and contesting elections from Karakat? Do they want to win or defeat the nda candidate? After all, on whose instructions is he contesting elections? Now news is also coming that he can contest elections on the BSP ticket. Some analysts also say that bjp wants to teach everyone to upendra Kushwaha, hence Pawan Singh is contesting the elections at the behest of bjp and he will cut the votes of his caste. But, this seems to be just a mere imagination. After all, why would nda want to reduce its one seat the situation of upendra Kushwaha at this time is such that he will do only what bjp asks him to do.

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