Drought prevails in the courtyard, the water crisis in Bihar…

Due to the heat and lack of rain, the rivers of the country's plain state bihar are dying. Dust flying in the catchment areas of rivers is a common phenomenon for leaders who are busy in preparations for the lok sabha elections. Therefore, there is no place for water management in the manifesto of any political party. Leaders of all political parties promise justice for every section of society through their manifestos. But injustice being done to nature is not becoming an issue. Rampant exploitation of groundwater has given rise to desertification. The water market, which is freely available from nature, is becoming bigger and more expensive than the milk market.

Once upon a time, there was havoc due to flood

Stories of floods caused by breach of embankments have been at the center of discussions in the daily lives of members of Bihari society, but now the people of the ganga plains are worried about the falling water level of the rivers. The plains of river ganga are already densely populated, where the supply of drinking water in urban areas has emerged as a major problem. Not only big cities but also small towns and cities are affected by the problem of water supply. Although water supply has been ensured in Gaya, Bodhgaya, Nawada, and Rajgir through chief minister Nitish Kumar's ambitious ganga Water Regeneration Project, there is a need to work continuously in this direction. ganga is the main basis of the drainage system of Bihar.

This river is known for preserving the values of sacrifice, penance, and restraint of indian culture. king Bhagiratha performed severe penance to bring the river ganga to earth to save the sixty thousand cursed sons of Sagar. The people of bihar are aware of the utility of rivers but do not take an interest in conserving water sources. Due to people choosing the option of migration for employment, one can see a situation of indifference towards the development of water resources available in their area. Rivers provide excellent means of trade and transportation. Rivers like ganga, Kosi, Gandak, Budhi Gandak, Son, Ajay, Falgu, Punpun, Karmanasha, Mahananda, Kamla, Bagmati, and Ghaghra (Saryu) have made a decisive contribution in developing the surface form of the state.

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