Kumari Shailaja raised questions on BJP's manifesto...

BJP released its election manifesto for the lok sabha elections on Sunday. congress is continuously targeting the bjp regarding this. In this regard, senior haryana congress leader Kumari Selja has also reacted. He posted on X and wrote that the hollowness of the bjp, which formed the government in the fog of promises, has now been exposed in the light of reality in front of the entire country. New manipulations have been done in the new manifesto.

Congress leader Kumari Selja has raised questions about BJP's manifesto. He further wrote that you all should also take a look at the old promises and the present situation. bjp had promised to provide 2 crore jobs. The situation is that the youth are just roaming around in the name of jobs. Farmers were promised double the income. The situation is such that the farmers themselves are hungry, what if the income will be doubled? A promise of giving Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts was made, whereas the situation is that the public's pockets are empty, and the bank accounts have gathered dust.

Kumari Shailaja wrote, "BJP had promised to build 100 smart cities, the situation is that the dream of cities is far away, the village streets are still covered with mud. It had promised to clean the Ganga, but the situation is that the rivers are polluted. Leave aside the issue of cleanliness, the situation is such that in the name of the roof, people have been promised 24-hour electricity. Darkness still resides in every house. $5 Trillion Economy was promised, now the situation is that the economy is tired of waiting, now only the wick of hope is burning."

‘The magic of juggling and guarantees will not work’

The congress leader said that the juggernaut of bjp promises and guarantees will no longer work in india, the people have broken the chain of statements and have set out on the path of justice. In 2024, india will hoist the flag of justice and defeat the rhetoric.


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