Two Rajput leaders came forward amidst the ongoing conflict.

A fight continues in gujarat over the statement of bjp candidate Purushottam Rupala. The kshatriya community has opened a front against Rupala. Protests are also going on against the BJP. Hurt by Rupala's statement, the Rajput community has even taken an oath not to vote for BJP. In such a situation, Chittorgarh mla Chandrabhan Singh Akya and former Vallabhnagar mla Randhir Singh Bhinder of udaipur have given a big statement. Current and former MLAs come from the Rajput community. He condemned the statement of Purushottam Rupala. Akya blamed Congress's conspiracy behind the protests. He criticized the statement of Purushottam Rupala.

'Congress's conspiracy behind Rajput movement'

Akya said that the statement should not be acceptable to any society. He has been working for our party and is still doing so at the time of the elections. Work is being done to instigate some people of the Rajput community. He said that people associated with the ideology of congress are involved in the protest against BJP. It is a normal thing to cut the ticket of a candidate in elections. What does it have to do with other candidates in the country? Bhinder said that seeing the lok sabha elections approaching, the kshatriya community is being instigated.

Chittorgarh mla Chandrabhan Singh Akya said

Rupala's statement is condemnable for the kshatriya community. He said what does rajasthan have to do with the issue of Gujarat. kshatriya community is intelligent. He said that he had called Rupala's PA. The sentiments of Rajput society have been conveyed. An appeal has been made to remove Rupala from the election field. PA assured to consider. To defeat the bjp in the lok sabha elections, the Rajput community has taken an oath with Agni as a witness.

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