Education minister madan made a big announcement…

Taking a new initiative, the education Department of rajasthan has prepared to make ex-servicemen government teachers. education minister madan Dilawar has announced that ex-servicemen will be equivalent to B.Ed. They will be made teachers based on merit and reservation.

In case of sudden death or martyrdom of soldiers, the Bravehearts or their dependents will get government jobs under compassionate grounds. He said that the brave women of martyrs need not worry. Now the family members of the braveheart or martyr will get government jobs on compassionate grounds. The education Department of rajasthan is going to take this initiative for the first time in the country. The education minister said that the proposal will be prepared soon and sent to chief minister Bhajan Lal Sharma.

The education training of soldiers is less than the education department.

Education minister madan Dilawar was addressing the inauguration ceremony of the bjp election office in Ramganjmandi. He said that some ex-servicemen have applied to become teachers in the education department. education department officials are reluctant. He argues that the training of ex-servicemen is not sufficient to become teachers. In such a situation, one cannot be allowed to become a teacher. minister Dilawar said that strict instructions were given to the officials that former retired soldiers will have to be considered equivalent to a B.Ed degree.

A new initiative of the rajasthan education Department in the country

Education minister Dilawar said that indian soldiers, unfortunately, die a normal death or are martyred during the battle, but there are no provisions to give compassionate appointments to the martyred women. He said that education department officials have been instructed to propose. The education Department of rajasthan will provide a government job to the widow or dependent family of the martyr. A proposal to give a government job is being prepared. It will soon be sent to the chief minister for approval.

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